E-Reader CITIZEN are devices allowing to unite a large number of books and are designed for comfortable reading of texts in an electronic form.    



E-Reader are released in two formats:

1. With an E-ink display manufactured using electronic ink technology.

2. With a high-quality contrast TFT display.

Additional options: photo review, listening to music files in МР3 format.

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Car Camcorders

Digital car camcorders provide with the splendid quality of shooting in low illuminance conditions..


High-speed video shooting permits to make a clear and sharp image even if a visibility is very poor.

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Full HD Digital Camcorders CITIZEN allow to record high resolution video clips. 3" TFT-LCD touch screen monitor provides additional comfort in operation.


Camcorder V120PRO is equipped with a built-in image projector that allows to project video clips of up to 60" (152.4 cm) diagonal onto any plain surface.

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